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Join Our Let's Make a Change Academy Today

If you would love to join an amazing community of like-minded Practitioners, Childminders and Early Years Teachers, and get access to a range of Professional Development resources, inspirational posts, and blogs. If you would like to have access to everything you need to become an outstanding practitioner or build a successful Early Years Setting, then we can help you.  Being part of our members club will provide you with support and monthly Professional Development, to help you succeed.


Why Join the Let's Make a Change Academy?

 The members club will provide you with a support network and the Professional Development material to help you develop.  Our members club is for Early Years Practitioners, Childminders, and teachers.  We meet every month via zoom and discuss the things that the members feel are relevant to them at the time.  Each month we will focus on a different topic that is relevant in the world of Early Years.  We have a WhatsApp group to chat and a closed Facebook group where I share different materials and resources each month.  Every other month you will receive a 'Well-being Box' that is full of different goodies for you.
Having a WhatsApp group gives you a platform where you can ask questions or ask for advice, any day or time.  We have regular discussions and it is also a place to gain help and support. 


Connecting you with Early Years professionals

With the ever-changing world of Early Years learning, not to mention external factors that have put pressure on the sector, having the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals is vital.  We offer a membership that's dedicated to you, providing a place to share celebrations, give and receive advice, get involved in networking events both on and offline, and enjoy endless mentoring and support.

What others say.....

"I was really excited to be one of the first people to join Sarah's early years group and I am so grateful I did.  Being a part of a special group of like minded early years professionals, where I can lean to for support, advice and ideas is priceless.  Sarah's knowledge, expertise, approach, ethos and personal touch is well worth the monthly subscription. Not to mention the goodie boxes! It's really helped fuel my passion again and keep me inspired"

"What an amazing network! A place where like minded individuals who are passionate about early years, can offer each other support, guidance and ideas in confidence." 


    Every month
    Join the community of Early Years professionals.
    • Access to our Member's Club for monthly resources
    • Monthly Zoom network meetings
    • Opportunities to attend face to face events
    • Access to a WhatsApp group
    • Well being boxes every other month
    • Other offers throughout the year
Networking Event


To learn more about our Early Years network before you become a member, contact Sarah Putland Early Years Consultancy.


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